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Meet Natasha Singh - the person that has just been signed on by Sars to ...

Independent online (SA) 19 Oct 2021
Sars is looking at individuals who have not been so transparent with their tax shelters offshore investments ... Tax-wise, it provides South African residents who own investments offshore – or intend to own investments offshore in the future – with the opportunity to make sure that ...

Multi-Agency Group investigation on Pandora Papers begins, holds first meeting

Beijing News 19 Oct 2021
As per the ICIJ, as many as 380 Indians are on the list of the global elite who has been exposed for ring-fencing their wealth through the shadowy financial transaction and using offshore tax havens to hide assets worth millions of dollars ... entities in low or no-tax jurisdictions.

How offshore accounts turned the British Virgin Islands into an east Jerusalem landlord

Cleveland Jewish News 19 Oct 2021
(JTA) — Some of the most contested real estate in east Jerusalem have come under the legal control of the British Virgin Islands in recent years because the Israeli settlers who managed the properties used offshore accounts and failed to pay corporate fees and taxes.

Even Scaled Back, Biden’s Tax Reforms Would Reshape Business

Barrons 19 Oct 2021
corporations avoid paying federal corporate income tax entirely ... Current law allows corporations to shift billions of dollars into offshore tax havens ... It ensures that offshore corporate profits are subject to a total tax rate (including taxes to companies’ home countries and to the foreign countries where they do business) of at least 15%.

Government reform needed after latest ‘Pandora’s box’ opening

Open Access Government 19 Oct 2021
Bad things supposedly come in threes so, despite several years passing since the unprecedented Panama and Paradise Papers data leaks, the next batch of damning evidence of offshore tax regime exploitation never felt far off.

Ka Leody de Guzman can untether us from the grip of neoliberalism

The Manila Times 19 Oct 2021
Billed as the investment and job generator, the Create Act on the corporate tax cut was, in reality, a paean to the neoliberal dream of less government ... The Pandora Papers dramatized how the superrich can have it both ways — get lower taxes via legislation and register offshore accounts to dodge taxes and avoid accountability and scrutiny.

Voice of the People, Oct. 19, 2021

Atlantic City 19 Oct 2021
Surgical masks work. Regarding the recent letter, “Mask effect questioned”. ... Hopefully he won’t get any serious infections ... Susan Hammell ... Column 1 ... She emphasized the development of Beesleys Point, for tax ratables to ease the tax base for Upper. For the same reason, she favored using Upper as a transit point for offshore wind-generated energy ... Column 3.

A Move to Rein In Cancer-Causing ‘Forever Chemicals’

WhoWhatWhy 19 Oct 2021
government has condemned prominent offshore tax havens, where liberal rules and guarantees of discretion have drawn oligarchs, business tycoons and politicians ... the globe found that some of the most sought-after tax havens are now in the United States — and that the expanding U.S.

Brits concerned murder of MP will lead to internet crackdown, after officials call for end ...

Russia Today 19 Oct 2021
Many in the UK are expressing their worries about the future of internet freedom, after a group of MPs lobbied Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban anonymous social media accounts in the wake of Sir David Amess’ death ... I could get behind that if they would also ban anonymous offshore trusts that hide tax ... Radical Islam did ... .

The Pandora Papers: Will the US Stop Hiding the World’s Dirty Money?

WhoWhatWhy 18 Oct 2021
Twice as many owners of offshore entities were revealed in this latest leak, along with new information on financial dealings in previously unexposed US tax jurisdictions, including South Dakota, Florida, Delaware, Texas, and Nevada ... However, the offshore financial system gets ...

Pandora Papers: move to introduce measures to ensure greater transparency over property welcomed

Belfast Telegraph 18 Oct 2021
These countries are frequently tax havens, such as the British Virgin Islands and Switzerland ... "There's never been anything on this scale and it shows the reality of what offshore companies can offer to help people hide cash or avoid tax.

Eye on the world

The Collegian 18 Oct 2021
Pandora Papers implicates hundreds in tax evasion ... The reason the world’s richest people aren’t mentioned in the papers is perhaps because they pay so little tax, they don’t need the intricate system of offshore accounts. The amount of their tax is estimated to be under 3.4%.

Stagflation is Here

Armstrong Economics 18 Oct 2021
Because of the Democrats constantly pushing to raise taxes, they sent corporations fleeing offshore, and it was NOT merely because of the tax rate ... Thus, American companies moved offshore, NOT because labor was cheaper, but so they could complete ... Trump understood that and offered a one-time tax deal to bring their profits home.

Mauritius may be out of FATF Grey List this month

The Times of India 18 Oct 2021
Global investors and offshore funds entering India through Mauritius are betting that in a few weeks the tax haven will shed some of its stigma and come out of the 'grey list' of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) - an intergovernmental policy body that monitors the colour of money by setting anti-money laundering standards.

Law enforcement  lawbreakers and their ongoing paychecks: Letters

Press Telegram 18 Oct 2021
Democrats’ tax and spend package and its smoke and mirrors. The Democrats say they are willing to cut back on the price tag of their $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree in order to get a bill passed ... No matter the cost period they write into the bill, they are literally banking on the programs and the taxing to continue forever.